About Us

JUST Tours & Travels has been formed by a group of individuals with a never ending thirst to explore and travel to new destinations. JUST Tours & Travels is pioneer by Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, Director of the company, followed by his President of Sales and operations, Mr. Shahji Shakil, We aim to especially cater to customers who wish to explore exotic destinations on a family tour or on an adventurous spree. We also offer you the the flexibility to customize your tour packages to meet your holidaying outlook. As a part of our service, our travel associates will cover and meet all the essential requirements/specific needs associated with the tours selected by you! Our travel associates are fully equipped to offer a wholesome travel experience to you.


Our company offers you:

Unique & Exotic Destinations JUST Tours & Travels aims at gifting unique touring adventures & undying experiences to their customers. Whether you are the offbeat type, or the adventure freak, whether you love to immerse yourself in new culture or love plain, old family fun, JUST Tours & Travels offers you unique destinations and tours of a life time.

Customer Friendly Customized Tours

At JUST Tours & Travels we give you the flexibility to plan your tour to cater to your specific requirements. We also offer add-on options (package tours) to provide you that extra “JUST Excellence”. Please contact us for more details. Perfectly Planned Itinerary Your itinerary will be specifically planned to deliver the maximum value and comfort by avoiding undue time loss in commuting. You can also encourage to submit your choice of itinerary for any of our destinations worldwide, and accordingly we will plan a tour that is designed specially for you.

Accommodation Requirements At JUST Tours & Travels we believe accommodation is a key part to adding quality to your tour. Accordingly, in addition to exotic touring destinations we provide you among the-best accommodation facilities available.

To & Fro Destination Traveling JUST Tours & Travels provides great deals on to-and-fro travel to your destination. For Domestic tours, you can also choose between Air and Rail travel. JUST Business Meets / Tours If you are looking for something different in the venues for your business and conference meetings, beyond the urban landscape, Kashmir is once again the destination of choice. Host the meeting on a secluded retreat in the Himalayas, or opt for the classy Conference Centers Or host a corporate meeting and a business conference at a heritage hotel or against the backdrop of a historic location. The Boardrooms and Conference Halls are not only state of the art but they also have a rich history of corporate drama and revolutionary diplomatic tie-ups behind them.

The Kashmir locates and proximity to other entertainment and business districts in the cities make these hotels a favorite for regular Business and Corporate Meetings. Kashmir has destinations to match the mood and theme of your Business and Corporate Meetings. Business and Corporate Meetings are made possible by the international standard conferencing and meeting facilities available at the conference hall and resorts in Kashmir. The scenic locations and serene ambience act as catalyst for fruitful brainstorming and a more active participation. To further boost the team spirit and moral, the hotels and resorts in Kashmir also offer group activities such as trekking, camping, horse riding, river rafting, and offsite excursions.

JUST Tours & Travels invites you to host Business and Corporate Meetings in Kashmir. Do let us know your business and conference requirements and we can plan and organize the entire program schedule for you. We can select a suitable venue as well as decide on all the details of transportation and accommodation for the success of your Business and Corporate Meetings in India.

JUST Tours & Travels strives to turn your Business and Corporate Meetings in Kashmir into successful and memorable tours. The website has been developed keeping our customers in mind. The complete touring guide and the destination know-how have been specifically researched, captured and arranged in a manner that allows you the access to the destination of your choice in just one click.

So why wait for a never ending spree of clicks and go choose your destination holiday, select the one right click and enjoy an experience of a lifetime with JUST Tours & Travels.